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2020 APTA Online Workshops

APTA is preparing to host a several online workshops during COVID and social distancing precautions.


Session 1: Theresa Fraser
23 Oct 2020

details, price and registration coming soon!


We have rescheduled Greg Lubimiv for Spring Conference 2021 !

Spring Conference May 28-29 2021
Two-day Training Event

Greg Lubimiv, MSW, CAPTS
Friday & Saturday
May 28 and 29,  2021


This training will be based on play therapy approaches with children and families and include concrete therapeutic strategies, useful in work with children and families, with many case examples and creative practical tools. Greg is a renowned expert and superb presenter. These two days will focus on quick assessment, with very brief techniques for identifying issues in children, developing plans of action, and clarity when more in-depth assessment is needed; and also on the children & families we have the most difficulty with – developing techniques and tools to move towards change and managing what we often refer to as “resistance.”

In the event of physical distancing or quarantine circumstances at that time Greg will modify the format to his excellent online module(s) and prices will be adjusted.


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DBT Informed Play Therayp Interventions
Theresa Fraser
Friday 23 October 2020
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online training
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student price: $100

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