Play Therapy & Expressive Arts Therapies

Professional Qualifications & Professional Organizations

*This is not intended as a comprehensive list, but rather as a useful starting point in exploring career pathways in play and expressive arts therapies.

Canadian Resources


International Resources

Play Therapy Canada

Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy

Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute (RMPTI)

BC Play Therapy Association

Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA)

BC Arts Therapy Association  




























The Association for Play Therapy USA

The American Art Therapy Association

The Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB)

American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)

North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA)

The American Music Therapy Association

Sandplay Therapists of America 


Play Therapy United Kingdom

British Association of Play Therapists

British Association of Clinical Play Therapy


Play Therapy Australia

Australian Play Therapists Association

Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association

New Zealand

The Australian & New Zealand Arts Therapy Association 

Creative Therapies Association of Aotearoa 

Music Therapy, NZ 

Israeli Play Therapy Association

Japan Association for Play Therapy

Other Training & Professional Development Resources

Play Therapy Canada

Concordia University Department of Creative Arts Therapies, Montreal QC

Prairie Institute of Expressive Arts Therapy (PIET). Carmen Richardson – Director. Calgary AB

  • Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate Program, Advanced Diploma in Arts Therapy

Play Therapy International

The International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA)

The Art Therapy Blog

  • A wonderful, crosscutting resource about Art Therapy schools & programs in Canada, of professional networks, job prospects, engaging activities for diverse groups, etc.

The Centre for Play Therapy, University of North Texas

  • The Center for Play Therapy (CPT) was established by Dr. Garry Landreth and has grown to become the largest play therapy training program in the world.

The British Association of Art Therapists

The Academy of Art and Play Therapy

  • Sydney-based training organisation established to deliver the Graduate Diploma of Art & Play Applications in Therapy course

Child Play Works


Links to past APTA Workshop and Conference presenters

Dr. Terry Kottman, Adlerian Play Therapy - The Encouragement Zone, Cedar Falls IA


Liana Lowenstein, Original Therapeutic Resources for Mental Health Professionals and Families, Toronto ON

Short Articles

A Child-centered View of Children (PDF) by Garry L. Landreth, online through the Georgia Association for Play Therapy

A [Brief] History of Play Therapy (HTML) by British Association of Play Therapists

Play Therapy Best Practices (PDF) by The Association for Play Therapy (USA)

Careers in Expressive Arts Therapies (2014) (PDF) by Janet L Hartranft provides a useful guide to exploring career pathways with concise overviews of multiple modalities of experessive arts therapy and an introduction to their respective professions.  The booklet is a resource intended for prospective students of the Pennsylvania State University College of Arts and Architecture Integrative Arts Program.

Creative Play Therapy Interventions for Children and Families (PDF) by Liana Lowenstein, MSW, CPT-S, available online through the Maryland/DC Association for Play Therapy Website. 

Play Therapy for Abused and Traumatized Children - A Bibliography (PDF) by the Research Library of the National Children’s Advocacy Center (USA).   This is a selected bibliography (not comprehensive) and covers the use and efficacy of play therapy with children who have experienced abuse and trauma. 

Play Therapy: Considerations and Applications for the Practitioner (PDF) by Ritesh Kool, MD, and Timothy Lawver, DO. This article can be retrieved from the jounal Psychiatry (Edgemont) 2010;7(10):19–24, and is available for download through National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.


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